Eat Indianapolis 

An adventure in Indy.

I joined some friends for a weekend trip to Indy. My friend Jake grew up here and has friends to visit, sights to see, and of course food adventures to be had…

First up, Yatz. An institution here with several locations in the metro.

Simple low-priced plates of Cajun Creole flavor packed goodness with rice and fresh hot bread. Choose from entrees such as Chili Cheese Etoufeè, Red Beans and Rice, Chipotle Chicken Alexio, and gumbo.

The staff are are quick, efficient, and the basic instructional signs all over make you wonder about humanity.

Yatz – Several Metro Locations

885 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis,  IN 46204

Next up, ramen!

We can’t go anywhere these days without a need to check out the local ramen scene. Luckily, Indianapolis has a few from which to choose. We chose Ramen Ray.

The outside had the structure of an early 90’s style Taco Bell repurposed to deliver these hot, fresh bowls of ramen.

There were a few options to choose from miso, spicy miso, shoyu, shio, and a vegetarian style ramen. I had the miso with some scallions. 

The ramen had a solid and robust broth. The pork and egg were highlights. This lunch hit the spot paired with a nice Japanese tea.

The staff was knowledgeable, accommodating, and somewhat quirky. Fair Warning: Avoid the staff-recommended Spice bomb to open up your sinus. Right, Sam?

Ramen Ray

5628 E 71 St, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Finally, Mama’s House for some Korean BBQ!


This was my first time having Korean BBQ that you grill yourself with a million side dishes to excite those taste buds.


We were all pretty excited. Also, we were unsure exactly what to order. Thankfully, you really only need to decide what protein you want and they do everything else, except the grilling.

The flavors were great. Kimchi was on point with its sour, fermented, spicy goodness. The spaghetti looking tomato stuff was particularly tasty in my opinion. The umami goodness turned out to be squid. Sorry, Kramer, but it was delicious.

The staff is quiet and efficient. The place is dated, but clean and we had no complaints.

Overall, a fun interactive meal with friends.

Mama’s House

8867 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN  46226

Check them out if you are ever in Indy!

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