About More Than A Foodie

My name is Brian. I am an avid food fan born and raised in the Midwest. I currently reside in lovely Des Moines, Iowa. There are a ton of food blogs out there, but I wanted to share more than just food with you. I’m going to share my love of food, travel, and bits and pieces of my life experiences.

Comments and Disclosure

I will allow comments on my site but reserve the right to not publish a comment, especially if the comment appears to be anonymous, vulgar, offensive, or just overall strange.

I am open to receiving sample items to review on my site. The sample review will be my open an honest opinion of the product. I will indicate how the review was initiated. Any other mentions of products or brands are strictly coincidental and are based on my own opinions and experiences. I am not a professional writer or in the food industry. This blog is just a hobby. I retain all rights to my photos. If you want to use them please ask for permission first.

Thanks for checking out my site.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brian, I found your site by doing a search for Barbara Desderi who is aparently teaches cooking classes in Italy. You shared a recipe on our blog that you adapted from her. Have you actually taken a class with her in Italy? I am trying to book a class with her and am having a difficult time with the translation. And want to be sure that she is legit? If you did indeed meet her and attend one of her classes, do you have any info you can share about her so I can proceed with booking? Thanks so much in advance for any help you can give me. Love your blog and especially love that you have taken such great care in posting so many wonderful pictures for visual people like myself!

    1. Hello Barbara, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that you enjoy the site. In regards to your question about Barbara Desderi. Yes, she is indeed real and legitimate. We opted for Barbara to pick us up at the market and then drive out to her country home outside of Florence in April 2011. We spent half of a day with her cooking and eating. Our day with Barbara was great and she was a very kind and knowledgeable person. She spoke fluent English, so there was no issue with communication for us. She also offers another option to stay in the city and cook if driving to her country home doesn’t interest you. We booked this through International Kitchen. When we booked we received correspondence from Richard Davis. I have included his contact information below.

      Richard Davis
      Group & Incentive Specialist
      The International Kitchen
      330 N. Wabash
      Suite 2613
      Chicago, IL 60611
      312-467-0560 tel
      312-467-0598 fax

      Here is the direct link to Barbara’s Class Information http://www.theinternationalkitchen.com/one-day-classes-and-tours/italy#florence_lesson_with_chef_barbara
      Here is a link to her cooking school website http://www.lapentoladellemeraviglie.it/Index_Cooking_school.htm

      I hope this helps you book your class. Thanks so much for reading!

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