Holiday Road…

Well Orlando was a blast. Mandy & Daryls wedding was so awesome and sweet.

Jensen Beach, FL
Nicole and I finally got to the beach about 1am after a rigorous day of air travel. We were both delayed because if thunderstorms across the US. We stayed at Palm River Resort and Fish Camp. I have never stayed at a Fish Camp but it was very cute and perfect for the wedding.. Brightly colored cottages and a huge tiki hut right on the beach. We hosted a BBQ the first night and met some of The couples friends from NYNY.

I was freaking because Mandy asked me to sing Stand by Me with her friends (actors and professional singers none the less!). I had not sang anything but karaoke for years so this was definately a challenge. I met Kelvin. Alex and Jared who were the other three in the quartet. They were awesome and very patient with me eventhough we only had a few trial runs before we sang. From what I heard and the videos I have seen we did really well. Not bad for someone who hasent sang in that manner for 13 years. Who knew I could stil sing tenor 1. Weird.

We went to the beach a few times to chill. The wessing was so beautiful and Larry (french bulldog) was the ring bearer. It was so cute. At the reception they had pictures of everyone to indicate their seats. It was very cute. Dinner was Mahi and Chicken, the cupcakes were red velvet along with key lime pie and macaroons! The dance was preceded by a presentation of pics from the honorable couples life including friends and family. They opened the dance with “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. They dis a very cute couples dance and then we proceded to dance the night away.

Orlando – We went to Disney World for my first time. Actually the first time for Mandy, Nicole and I so we got the appropriate pins to indicate so. Also Mandy & Daryl got “Just Married” & I got “Just Engaged”. Mike worked there so we got inside access to the dolphins and Fast Pass access at most of the rides. It was great. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go but I am glad that I did.

Last weekend Ann, Amy and company came to Des Moines to visit. We were on the run all weekend. We did the Des Moines Farmers Market, Art Fair, horse track, mini golf, Trostels Dish, Tasty Tacos, Taki and so much more. We had a full weekend.

I am busy at work woth reviews. They are so time consuming and detailed that it can be a stressful process.

Right now we r headed to Minnesota/North Dakota for a weeks vacation. We are going camping with my friend Shannon tonight. Then heading to Pelican Lake on Saturday. We will spend a week at the lake (working on reviews for some of it) and trying to relax. I have had a ton of vacation latley. I am looking forward tpo things getting back to normal and actually slowing down. I have been on the run too much. Now I just need to chill and focus some time on those things that have been set aside (like the house). Also I have a fabulous wedding to plan for next year.

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