Chick-a-dee China the Korean Chicken.

If you have a drumstick your brain will.. well, crave for more? Something like that anyway. The Barenaked Ladies sang about Chinese Chicken. This is Korean Chicken.

bon chon to go

OMG! Bon Chon Chicken is the best fried chicken I have ever tasted! While we were in NYC before Thanksgiving we tried this fabulous chicken. OK. We didn’t exactly have drumsticks, but that is certainly one of the options. What we did have was DELICIOUS!

Bon Chon Chicken strips

While researching food adventures for our trip, I saw this fried chicken on The Cooking Channel. It has become quite a hit due to the different taste and texture compared to American fried chicken. Lucky enough, there was a restaurant located conveniently close to our hotel. The menu is simple. You can choose from wings, drummies, or strips. Then choose a soy ginger or a spicy red pepper sauce. Can’t make up your mind? Then get half and half like we did. We opted for strips.

Bon Chon Chicken strips

The chicken is fried fresh for each order. I am not quite sure how they do it, but I have read it involves several steps. Unseasoned fresh chicken, dusting of flour (rice?), thin coating of batter, cooking at lower temps, shaking the partially cooked chicken, re-frying to crispy perfection, and then tossing in the delectable sauces.

Bon Chon Chicken strips

We took our order to go and enjoyed in our hotel room which had a lack of good lighting for pics.

bon chon chicken chop stick

Crispy. Tender. Juicy. The sear and texture on the chicken has this mouth pleasing appeal of its own. Then add the tangy soy ginger sauce and it becomes a party in your mouth.

bon chon chicken on a chopstick

Then there was the spicy. They are not kidding when they say spicy. It started very subtle, but then hung around for a while afterwards. After my first few bites I knew I was going to need to calm this heat down.

Bon Chon pickled radish

The pickled radish was included with our order. At first, we were a little confused about it, but after eating the spicy chicken it made perfect sense.  An ingenious accompaniment to the spicy chicken. Slightly sweet and vinegary with a refreshing crunch. We ate all of it!

bon chon in new york times

The restaurant had several pics of the articles which had been written about them, this one was from the New York Times in 2007.

bon chon articles

Here are some of the magazines that have featured Korean style chicken.

bon chon delivery bike

Bon Chon delivers by bike if you are lucky enough to live in their delivery area.

Bon Chon Chicken Spicy

Amazing fried chicken! So good we could have eaten it everyday. Unfortunately, I don’t see a Bon Chon coming to Des Moines anytime soon. We will have to enjoy this one when visiting NYC.

Bon Chon Chicken, 207 West 38th Street, New York, NY

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