stir fry with fried egg noodles

Kansas Christmas

Chad and I headed to Wichita, Kansas this weekend to celebrate Christmas with some of my family.

Larry. Looking sad and cute as usual with his Christmas scarf. Larry traveled from New York City with Mandy and Daryl.

fried egg noodles

Crispy fried egg noodles for stir fry.

Daryl and Uncle Cao dishing up.

stir fry with fried egg noodles

During the holiday’s we like to mix it up a bit from tradition. Since we have so many different cultures we tend to have unique eats. First up was Cao’s delicious stir fry! Egg rolls and lefse tomorrow!

Uncle Don approved.

Queen Margo.

Larry wasn’t as excited about Nicole’s new shirt.

I thought this shirt appropriate for Mandy, since she use to live in Brooklyn, Iowa. I mean Brooklyn, New York.  All the shirts were made in Des Moines at RAYGUN.

Yep! Awesome!

Cao received a ticket to NYC and an Asian Food Guide. Let the eating begin.

Larry was so exhausted at the end of the night he had to sleep on the dining room table.

Merry Christmas!

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