Taqueria Sonora Baja Fish Taco West Des Moines Iowa

Taqueria Sonora

The best margarita… or msrgari in town!

** UPDATE ** Taqueria Sonora has closed as of January 2014 – So long best msrgari in town! 

Aaaah.. Taqueria Sonora. Our favorite little neighborhood Mexican spot. Interestingly enough, we have a few local Mexican places close to our house which we stop to eat occasionally, but this one has the best margaritas hands down. I am not exactly sure why they are so good, but it has to be the original margarita’s are all made with fresh squeezed lime juice.  So delicious!

West Des Moines Best Margarita

You have the option to use the house tequila, or choose from several other  varieties. You can just see the difference in the drink. It is so fresh and tasty.

Taqueria Sonora Condiments West Des Moines

Each visit you receive a variety of condiments to accompany your meal along with chips and salsa. We find most places we would like the entrée’s a bit more spicy. Taqueria gives you extras to help meet your level of spice. Pico, salsa verde, spicy brown, a chunky habanero, and some delicious pickled onions.

Taqueria Sonora Baja Fish Taco West Des Moines Iowa

The Baja Fish Tacos are excellent. They give you a choice of maiz (corn) or harina (flour) tortillas. These were grilled, served simply with some cabbage, red onion, and cilantro. Simple and delicious!

Taqueria Sonora West Des Moines

Chori-Queso! The cheese dip with chorizo. The only way to eat the cheese dip!

Taqueria Sonora West Des Moines

Their torta was great. Served on a soft telera (Mexican Torta Bread), chicken, beef, pork, guacamole, lettuce, onion, and a fried salchipapa. I had salchipapas in NYC at PioPio. It is just a sausage, but I thought it was cool so I ordered this torta. Lots of flavor and very filling. I need to share it was so big!

Taqueria Sonora West Des Moines

If you are on Foursquare, ensure you check in and read the tips when you visit. To explain the msgari reference at the beginning. A dear friend of mine was so in awe of the fish tacos and margaritas at Taqueria Sonora, she needed to leave a tip on Foursquare. Blame it on the fish tacos, blame it on no spellcheck, blame it on the auto-correct, or blame it on the tequila. We may never know. Just ensure you take a second like this tip and comment on it even if you’re not really sure what she is talking about…

Overall, the food is good, the service could be more attentive, but the margaritas are excellent! It is a great local place for some queso, margarita’s, and some great fish tacos. Oh, and they are open late!

Taqueria Sonora, 800 First Street Suite A, West Des Moines, IA  50265

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