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Hometown Hayride

Seventeen years in the making…

In 1995 my friends Ann, Amy, and I made our way out to The Pederson Farm south of Valley City, North Dakota to have a hayride. It was the fall of our senior year of high school. It turned out to be a day filled with good friends and fun.

Fast forward 16 years to our friend Shauna getting married. The three of us reunited with Shauna’s parents, Larry and Patty at the wedding. We promised Patty we would come out to the farm again for a hayride. So in early October of this year we made it happen.

A lot of things have changed in 17 years. We are older, wiser and more experienced at this thing called life.  It turns out we didn’t know everything at the age of 18. However, for everything that has changed there are some things that endure, friendship being the most important.

Friendships are an important thing to keep.  Even though we each have our own lives and responsibilities keeping us preoccupied, we all know we can count on each other when we need it the most. When we are sick, when someone we love passes away, when we need a vacation, or when we get married, we can always count on each other. Good friendships are not about how close you live to each other or how much time you spend together. They are about how you pick up where you left off when you do see one another. I have learned to cherish the time you have with each other and make the most of it.

Yep. Still hot!

Shauna’s parents, Larry and Patty.

Larry advised this wagon has been in his family for 70 plus years.

Patty and Larry’s grandkids and daughter-in-law joined us on our adventure.

Larry was nice enough to let us cut our own pumpkins from this pumpkin patch.

Patty & Shauna put up a delicious spread after the hayride, including some mulled cider and some delectable bars.

While enjoying my cider I noticed this copy of Look Magazine under the coffee table.

Remembering old memories while creating new ones. To our health and happiness!

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