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The hummingbirds are a nice distraction…

Well, hello there…

It has been way too long. I have been way to busy lately and the blog has suffered because of it. I have a ton of content, I just need to take some time to blog about it.

Excuses. Excuses.

I know. Perhaps I can do some of this on my 20+ hour flights to Vietnam next week.

In the meantime, I have been sitting here at my dining room table trying to complete all of my tasks before I leave. I can’t help but to watch the hummingbirds devour the syrup I made for them. There are so many hummingbirds around they are going through it in days. I thought you would enjoy the pics I took this morning.

hummingbird at rest iowa

hummingbird in flight

hummingbird in flight

hummingbird in flight

hummingbird in flight

hummingbird in flight

Have a great weekend!


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