Des Moines Pride

A celebration of how far we’ve come.

My brothers, my sisters, my fellow human beings. We need unity now more than ever.


A year or so ago, my friend Brian asked me to be a part of a social group here in Des Moines to help get a community together to show support for GLBTQ causes. Also to create events to network, socialize, and support the community. So, The Capital Bears were formed.

These guys are so great. We’ve done great things for the community and have built such a great network. It was fun to build this parade float for Capital City Pride. We celebrate and pay respects to those who have come before us who have fought for equality.


It is amazing what you can accomplish when you come together. We have come a long way in a small amount of time. I cannot wait to see the fun things we do in 2017.


We are thankful, but realize we still have a journey in front of us. We should not take our progress for granted and should continue to move forward.

If you would like more information about The Capital Bears, please checkout our Facebook/Capital Bears. Twitter & Instagram @bearsDSM


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