Pommes Frites

Homemade french fries with garlic parsley butter.

Every so often, I get a craving for these types of fries. This time it was triggered by a quick trip to Pella, IA.

I came across some random frites sauce at a local Dutch butcher in Pella. Frites sauce and some awesome beef jerky. The sauce was of course calling my name, so had to buy it. Homemade Pommes Frites were inevitable.

Those whom I have cooked for often have probably enjoyed these a time or two. The credit for the inspiration comes from a few places, but mostly Tyler Florence and Pommes Frites in NYC.

My friend Shannon called me one day with some exciting news that she bought me an autographed Bobby Flay book in 2005 for my birthday. He was there in the Mall of America in Minneapolis and she got him to sign it. She was so excited to give it to me.

Upon receipt a few days later, to my delight, it was from Tyler Florence and not Bobby Flay. Shannon since has been corrected on her celebrity chef’s and vows to never be wrong about identifying Tyler Florence again. Ha ha!

Pommes Frites. This NYC institution was a must stop when you were in the East Village. Serving hot Belgian Style Fries with 30+ sauces to choose from in a paper cone. The restaurant space was tiny and had custom holders built into the wood for your cone filled with piping hot frites. My most recent visit was with my friend, Teresa in 2014.

Unfortunately, about a year after these pics the building next door had a gas explosion and destroyed the original store.

They have since re-opened in the West Village of NYC. Yay! The world is better with Pommes Frites.

So what makes these so good? Following Tyler’s Recipe, but rinsing the starch out of the potato and frying twice is the secret. Oh, and of course the garlic parsley butter.

Once fried again to golden brown, toss in the melted butter with fresh minced garlic, parsley, and some salt.



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