Des Moines Eats – Taqueria Veracruz

Juicy street tacos and tamales!

Kramer and I were running around doing errands. Needed food. We wanted to try something different.

Taqueria Veracruz food truck was our choice.

taqueria, veracruz, taqueria veracruz, street truck tacos, street tacos, tamales, banana leaft tamales, luis garcia, des moines eats, dive eats, des moines local eats, Located on the southeast corner of East University and Pennsylvania in Des Moines. This small food truck offers big flavor in cool little packages.

The truck sits in an old gas station lot. There are a few clean picnic tables, salsas, drinks for purchase, and parking for 6-8 cars. On this day, the weather was decent, so we sat outside. Other customers just ate in their car or took it to go.

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We ordered two pork tamales ($1.50 each!) and three tacos – carne asada, el pastor, and chorizo.

Kramer, iowa, bears, capital bears, mr iowa bear, tamales

The pork tamales, to my surprise, were not in corn husks, but banana leaves. Yum! They were larger than your typical corn tamale. They were juicer and had a great flavor. I really liked them.

In order, carne asada, el pastor, and chorizo. Served with onion, cilantro, radish, and a lime. The carne asada was killer. I felt it didn’t need any additional salsa. Perfect as is… the other two were very tasty  too.

The carne asada was so good, we had to get two more.

These are great bites for under $2 a piece.

The weather is getting nicer, check them out!

Taqueria Veracruz – Southeast Corner of East University and Pennsylvania Ave. Kitty corner from Unity Point Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines.

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