Chicago Getaway

After the long hours and long winter, we escaped for a quick weekend in Chicago.

Andersonville - Chicago

My friend, Nathan booked an AirBNB in Andersonville and asked if we wanted to escape to Chicago for the weekend for his birthday. I said, “When do we leave?”

Our much needed weekend away started out with a few bumps which included a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, the time spent was quickly remedied with my first taste of the Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

We had not been able to get one locally until recently. So, coming across this one in Davenport, Iowa was a nice surprise. We were lucky enough to get them hot and made fresh when we ordered. I say this, because others have had pre-made experiences where the sandwiches are created in mass quantities due to high demand. They reported a less than stellar review.

Overall, I loved it! Spicy, crispy, juicy, and everything I wanted in this chicken sandwich. Some in our party found the pickle to be a bit heavy on the pickling lime. Others thought it to be just right. I landed somewhere in the middle. I recommend.

After our 5 hour or so drive, our first stop was AIRE Ancient Baths, Chicago. This place was everything we wanted it to be and more. A great way to relax after a long drive. Although it is a bit pricey (About $100 pp with valet for 90 mins). I felt it was WORTH EVERY PENNY. Quiet, serenity, invigorating, relaxing, scented salt scrub showers are a few ways to describe the experience. Cold plunge, hot waterfalls… salt underwater float with music. All you need to know. Great find, Chad! Go!

So, what else did we eat?

Ya! Andersonville. I knew there were Swedish Pancakes nearby. We must eat them. I’ve loved them since I was a kid. Lingonberries and so much more at this place. Small, intimate, but big tasty portions. I would love to make them from scratch the proper way, but I still haven’t received the authentic recipe from Rachel. Yes, Rachel, where is it? Love you!

SVEA Restaurant – Clark Street – Andersonville – Chicago

We passed by this place and thought it would be a great stop for dinner. It looks very small on the outside. There was a moment when we thought it might be a clown car as people were going in, but no one was coming out. Turns out, they used the space well and it was bigger than we thought. Awesome burgers, fried chicken, and I ordered a salad that could have fed all of us. Great ambiance, great cocktails, vibe, and VERY popular.

Little Bad Wolf – 1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave – Chicago

Just south of the Loop is Chicago’s Chinatown. Located just off the L Red Line – Cermak stop. Great stores and a BONCHON! We love this place and haven’t had this Korean Fried Chicken since we were in NYC. Chad and I were elated to introduce Nathan and Shawn to this tasty chicken. Shawn is ready to try our hand at a copy of the recipe. A new blog post soon?

There were so many wonderful things here, I will need to come back again. Milk Tea. Fresh Dumplings. Oh, and a candy store. I may or may not have spent $50 at Aji Ichiban on the various Japanese Kit-Kats and other goodies. The selection was the biggest I’ve seen in the US. We had to call it quits at the bakery. The cake was Chocolate Cloud Cream Cake. Name says it all.

Chinatown – Chicago

Bonchon – 2163 S China Place – Chicago

Aji Ichiban – 2117 S China Place – Chicago

I love visiting this city. A nice long weekend getaway with good friends and good food.

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