European Vacation – London

No, we didn’t win Pig in a Poke!

Our European Adventure has been on the books for a while. We started collecting and saving air miles 6 years ago. We collected enough miles and were lucky enough to book Business Elite tickets to Paris to start and finish our trip. Flying International First Class was amazing and totally worth taking advantage of every reasonable air miles offer over the years. I now fully understand why someone would want to board early. Yes, I need champagne. Yes, I would love that hot towel. Cocktail and hot mixed nuts? Of course. How about a full size pillow, comfy blankets, meals created by Michelle Bernstein and wine by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson? Sure. Do you need a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie? How about an ice cream sundae or a cheese plate with some strawberries? Fancy. I knew in my heart I needed to enjoy it while it lasted. I may never fly this way again. It honestly made an 8 hour flight seem like nothing. I highly recommend this experience to anyone. If you are lucky enough to fly this way all the time. Call me. If you are not, sign up and start saving those miles!

London, United Kingdom by way of Paris was our first stop on our 2 week European adventure. We arrived in Paris at Roissy Charles De Gaulle. After a minor hiccup trying to turn our Euro paper money into Euro coin to purchase our RER train tickets, we took the RER B train into Paris Gare du Nord to catch our Eurostar train to London via The Chunnel. I love London. It is one of my favorite cities in all of my travels. It is historic. It is modern. And most of all it is British. I love the Brits!

We stayed in Soho on the north end of Carnaby Street for 3 nights. It proved to be a great location close to Oxford Circus Tube stop. Great location for good eats, trendy shops and great theatre. Westminster Abbey is amazing and definitely a must stop for anyone visiting London.

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Paris, Venice, Bologna, & Florence still to come.

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