Herman Ze German – London

Curry. Wieners. Fries.

Currywurst. Just south of Trafalgar Square and down The Strand we came across Herman Ze German on Villers Street. Our first taste of the popular Berlin-style currywurst right here in London. We had just finished up at the British National Gallery and we were hungry. I am sure that there are plenty of places in the UK to get this tasty German snack but this one happened to be in the right place at the right time for us. We decided we would try it for lunch.

When we walked in I instantly was drawn to the pretzels or brezels in the case. I was in the midst of figuring out what to do when we were greeted and asked if we needed any help with the menu. All I could say was “currywurst”. Of course, our server said. “Do you like it spicy, would you like it in a roll or with fries? Mayo?” Um.. yes please. Instantly they put the “wurst” part of our entree into this electronic wiener cutter. It went in one end whole and came out the other end chopped into perfect bite-sized pieces. I was amazed and scared at the same time. Then came the fries, the red curry sauce, a dash of curry powder, a bit of mayo and a fork. Chad also bought a chocolate danish and I totally forgot about a pretzel.

Overall the currywurst was really good. I tried the currywurst by itself first before making friends with the fries and the mayo. The meat was juicy, the curry full of flavor and spicy. The danish was not that great. I still wish I would have at least got a pretzel to go. Oh well. I am glad we stopped. I am not sure that Berlin is in my future, but if it is I am sure there are plenty of currywursts to try.

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