Pizza Corner

The pizza I compare all other pizzas to…

I grew up in a small town in Eastern North Dakota that has the best pizza EVER!

Pizza Corner in Valley City, North Dakota. Located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street since 1977 (A very good year I might add. It was not the only wonderful addition to Valley City that year. I am just sayin’).

I love pizza. It is one of my favorite foods. It is one of the foods that I would pick to be alone with on a desert island. In my travels I still compare all other pizza to Pizza Corner pizza. Some have come close, but none have ever beat it. EVER!

I recently returned home for a very short work trip and requested my family meet me at Pizza Corner for dinner. Not only did I get to eat this wonderful pizza, but I met my newest niece, Allison Taylor for the first time. She is so sweet & adorable!

We had a few of my favorites this time around. Before I get into the kinds of pizza and the toppings, I must tell you about a few things.

1. Crust – While you can get a deep dish crust on these pizzas, most of them are thin crust with a rolled layer of crust along the outside. It’s kinda in a lavosh, met a cracker, met a thin crust pizza sort of way. It is crispy in parts, soft in others, and overall delicious.

2. Sauce – There is an alfredo and a spicy sauce option, but most of the time it is the regular basic sauce. It’s filled with rich tomato, spices, and special ingredients such as Tabasco and grated parmesan cheese. Fantastic.

3. Toppings – Spoiler, Taco, and a basic pepperoni this time around. The Spoiler is so yummy. My mouth is actually watering writing this post. Filled with sausage, mushrooms, and most importantly thinly sliced onion. The sausage is chunky and moist, the mushrooms pop with flavor, but the onion is the star. The onion is strong, sweet, and your fingers stink for a day after eating this pizza. The Taco is not your momma’s taco pizza. It’s a simple pizza with ground beef, spicy sauce, a few different cheeses, baked and then covered with a ton of taco chips, lettuce, and tomato. It’s always served with little packets of Heinz taco sauce. We’re talking good. There are so many chips that part of the experience of eating this pizza is snacking on all of the extra chips that fall off the pizza. Then there is the Don’s Delight that features sauerkraut. Yes, sauerkraut. It is Awesome! There are so many to choose from you just gotta come back.

So if you happen to be in Valley City, stop in for some great pizza. If you live in the upper midwest (Unfortunately Not Iowa!) you can also get these pizzas frozen. They are not as good as the real thing, but they will do if you cannot make it to the restaurant.

It is still the best. I love this pizza hot. I love this pizza cold. I just love this pizza. I also love catching up with the family when I am able to get home. Even if it is a quick trip.

Here are the other little monkeys. They are coming to visit us in Iowa next week. Can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “Pizza Corner

  1. I am so glad you wrote this post. I seriously JONES for PC Pizza on a fairly regular basis. I’ve always wondered if my love of this pizza was the connection to small town charm and childhood memories or if it is just actually THAT GOOD. To have a self admitted ‘foodie’ share in my opinion leads me to believe the latter is true. Great post and those pics have now me craving a trip home again soon!

  2. Yes, you are not alone and it is that good. Hopefully you can get your Pizza Corner fix soon! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Great post! Can you believe this North Dakota has never been to THE Pizza Corner?? We just pick up the frozen ones at the grocery store – putting a visit on my must-do list this year. 🙂

    1. Thank you! If you like the frozen you will love the fresh! Don’t forget you get free ice cream when you dine in the restaurant. Glad I could inspire you to make a trip! Thanks for reading and your comment.

    1. I am happy to hear you dined at the restaurant! I wish we could get the frozen here in Iowa. Makes me wanna come back home to visit and have some pizza. Thanks for reading and your comments!

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