MAJANI – Bologna

They have 215 years of experience and you can taste it.

The day before our wonderful food tour with Italian Days, we had a few hours to explore Bologna.

One of our finds was Majani, a chocolatier in business since 1796.

We purchased a milk and a dark chocolate not really knowing what to expect. In fact, we didn’t open them until we were at the lake this summer to share with friends and family.

Layers of sweet creamy chocolate. The milk was made with almond and the dark was with hazelnuts. They were amazing little packages of wonderful.

I thought the goose was a nice touch to the picture.

I was elated when I saw how meticulously they wrapped our purchases. I am a sucker for packaging.

We also purchased the famous chocolate tortellini.

These were excellent. However, we could not eat them all. I assume the maid ate what we could not consume.

Here is a picture of the store from the outside. At first glance I didn’t really care for the picture, but after looking at it a few times I decided to include it. As you can see by the display in the window, we visited right before Easter. If you look close you can see Chad paying for our chocolates.

Another must do in Bologna for excellent chocolate.

Via De’ Carbonesi, 5, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna  40123

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