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Wings Over Kaua’i

One of the best ways to see the beautiful island… Wings Over Kaua’i.

In our scramble to get the details together about this trip. Chad found this wonderful tour company who came highly recommended on Trip Advisor for flight tours around the island. The difference is they only seat one side of the plane so you can see all of the views and not miss out. I have never been up in the air on a mini plane and I was a little uncertain about the experience.

Kauai Hawaii

Overall, it turned out wonderful. I even got the front seat. The planning and directions were easy to follow. The staff was remarkable and the experience was awe-inspiring.

Our awesome pilot, Josh!

Many of these pictures do not need words to describe, but we did start at Lihue and then flew south around the entire island. All of the pictures were taken through the window of the plane. The photos cannot capture the beauty in person, but it will give you a glimpse. Enjoy.

If you are in Kaua’i, look them up. It is a must do!

Wings Over Kauai, Phone 808-635-0815, Email

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