napali coast kauai hawaii beaches and mountains

Kaua’i Sea Tours

A spectacular boat tour of the Na’Pali Coastline.

Forget the Catamaran’s. On this tour take the option for the small Ocean Raft, you will not regret it…  Well, your butt might.

Kaua’i Sea Tours offers a very personal tour of the Kaua’i Na’Pali coast. They are one of only a few tour companies who have a permit to offer a stop and some snorkeling by the ancient Hawaiian fishing village of “Nu’alolo Kai.”

Kaua'i Sea Tours

The towering sea cliffs of the Na’Pali Coastline on the Northwest shore of the island. Some call them “cathedrals” because of the shape which is formed when the volcanic rock erodes.

Off Coast of Kauai

An early morning on the southern coast of Kaua’i near Port Allen.

This was the shot “before” we started our 7 hour adventure. Amy didn’t look green, but she was feeling it. Let’s see. A mini-boat with only ropes to hold you in on the open ocean for about 36 miles. No problem and no pressure.

We spotted dolphins just after we started our journey for the day.

Off Coast of Kauai Hawaii

When we were viewing the dolphins, it was kinda difficult to see them and take pictures at the same time. The dolphins and our boat were constantly moving. Keeping on top of them was demanding. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw I did capture this dolphin in mid-jump. I was so pleased.

Dolphins, a dolphin calf and a rainbow. What a great way to spend your Labor Day!

They were a delight to see, but unfortunately they were headed in the opposite direction. We had to keep moving if we were going to see all of the breathtaking sights to come.

snorkel kauai sea tours

Our first steps on the ancient Hawaiian fishing village of Nu’alolo Kai. We stopped here for a tour and some snorkeling!

Ancient Hawaiians use to live in this fishing village. In the far cliff you can see a little cut out in which the ancients use to have a ladder to pass to the other when the tide was high. I thought that little tidbit was neat.

Noni Kauai Hawaii

The Noni fruit. It grows here on Kaua’i, especially in this village. The entire area was full of these trees. Our guides were quick to warn us about touching them as they are stinky! This is why you see Amy holding one which our guide passed around on a leaf. It it claimed to have healing properties and is marketed as “Noni Juice.” I call it a funky smelling caterpillar looking thing…

birds flying by cave napali coast kauai hawaii

Some of the caves you get to visit on the Ocean Raft tour.

napali caves kauai hawaii

The Open-Ceiling Cave. Mary J. Blige shot a scene from her “Everything” video on this rock.

open ceiling cave kauai

See, no ceiling.

The three of us strike a pose in this awesome cave.

napali na'pali coast kaua'i hawai'i caves mary j blige everything video shot here

napali coast kauai hawaii beaches and mountains

The famous Kalalau Valley. There is a Kalalau Trail which is about 12 miles long and is said to be one of the longest and most difficult in Hawai’i. According to the guides, the destinations are worth it if you can stand the 2 day hike across rugged terrain. You get to experience some of the beaches that most people cannot. However, ensure that you ensure you check to see if you need permits.

In person I will have to say this tour was breathtakingly beautiful. It is something which is so impressive you have to almost pinch yourself to believe you are actually there seeing it in front of you. The majestic cathedral mountains, lush greenery, sandy beaches, and blue water. Astounding.

kauai hawaii coast

This is the after shot. No need for a hairstylist and a blow dryer.

She did it! Now she is ready to join the crew and take you on your Na’Pali Coast adventure.

Another must do when in Kaua’i!

Kaua’i Sea Tours is easy to find. It is actually located in Eleele on the way west on Hwy. 50. Turn to the South when you see the McDonald’s. Continue on down the road and you will see Kaua’i Island Brewery on the left and Kaua’i Sea Tours on the right in the Port Allen Marina Center.

You will need to check in, then they will provide you with a large waterproof bag to put all of your belongings inside. We managed to fit a day’s worth of towels, sunscreen, cameras, and other accessories in the bag for three people.

The Ocean Raft tour is intense and adventurous. It is not for the faint of heart. If you are prone to motion sickness and do not like a bumpy ride think twice before this tour. If you do not want an intense bouncy ride, then do not sit towards the front. I would also suggest you ensure you take them up on the offer for gloves. You will hit large swells on the ocean and you are in for the ride of your life. My advice is to relax, ride with the waves, and enjoy every minute of it.

Please remember to use sunscreen. Unfortunately, we did not. Even when we saw our local guide put it on several times it should be a no brainer. Let’s say we were distracted by all the enchanting visuals on the tour. Yeah, that is it! Crispy Fried Cheese!

Kaua’i Sea Tours, Port Allen Marina Center, 4353 Waialo Rd. Ste 2B-3B, Eleele, HI 96705  Reservations Toll Free: 808-212-0143

Tip: The Port Allen Sunset Bar & Grill located in the Port Allen Marina Center has wonderful drinks and a great menu. Great place to stop after your tour. Nom Nom Nom. Can you say Macadamia Nut Martini?

I have included more pictures from our amazing day. Feel free to click on and comment as you wish. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all of your travels 🙂 WOW…. The pictures are beautiful but I know they do no justice to actually being there & seeing/feeling for yourself.

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