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Island Taco

Island Taco Kaua'i

Man, these are some great tacos!

This was Amy’s second visit to the island. On her previous visit she had her first taste of Island Taco’s in Waimea. One bite and she was hooked! This is now the fish taco to which she compares all other fish tacos. So of course we had to stop for a taste.


Even after a very long day with dolphins and sun, she was just a little excited about the tacos.


There are several different items to choose on the menu. Burritos, quesadillas, but we were here for the tacos. Specifically the Wasabi Ahi Tuna tacos. They’re filled with fresh Ahi tuna, wasabi, some red cabbage, and on a fresh house-made tortilla. Oh! There may also be crack in them, because Amy snarfed down two of these in a matter of minutes. Can you see how big they are? You would think that we never feed the girl. I guess this is bound to happen after a day at sea and having to wait a whole year since she had these the last time. Needless to say, it was love.


Yep, wipe, breathe, eat…

Waimea Kaua'i

Shrimp Taco. It was good, but the wasabi ahi is the winner here.


I am not fully sure everything that is in the taco, but with fresh sushi grade Ahi. How can you go wrong?


Kalua Pork Taco. This taco wasn’t as memorable as the others. It also didn’t hold a candle to the Kaula Pork we had at Pono Market in Kapaa.


The next day after staying at Barking Sands Beach, we headed up to Waimea Canyon. On the way up, we spotted this lovely waterfall on the side of the road. The rusty red rocks were stunning.



Amy and I overlooking Waimea Canyon. The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.


Fong’s has made it to Kaua’i. Well, at least the t-shirt. We hope the Fong’s opens again soon!


Chad and I at Waimea Canyon.


We decided to head up the mountain early. There is an observation deck and parking, but it tends to fill up very fast. We timed it just right and were there around 10am. When we were leaving the traffic started to increase and cars were starting to park along the road. It is a two lane road and things can get tight. Get in early and get out early is my advice.


You would think that Amy was so happy in this picture because the canyon was “So Beautiful!”, but…


She knew Island Taco awaited her at the bottom of the mountain. Yes, again.


The girl was so excited that she literally ran across the street.

Island Taco Kaua'i Hawai'i

Waiting for tacos…


All 3 of them! Yes, this girl ate not 2, but 3 tacos!


Meanwhile, across the street… Chad and I tried out Shrimp Station.


I was excited for this shrimp place, but I should have gone with my gut and got the sautéed shrimp.


We ended up ordering the fried coconut shrimp. What were we thinking? Buyers remorse. The shrimp was decent, but it wasn’t anything special or different. Overall, we probably should have went back to Island Taco. I know Amy would agree.


Good thing Jo Jo’s Shave Ice was down the street to make my taste buds very happy.

Stay tuned…

Island Taco, 9643 Kaumualii Highway, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

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