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Jo Jo’s Shave Ice

Best Shaved Ice Kaua'i

When in Hawai’i, shaved ice is a must do. When in Kaua’i, go to Jo Jo’s in Waimea.


I read about Jo Jo’s Shave Ice when I was checking out Yelp for the trip to Kaua’i. Yelpers could not stop raving about the shaved ice. I have had my share of chopped ice and shaved ice, but this one took the cake.


The outside of this place looks like a shack. The inside of this place looks like a shack. However, they have the awards to prove they are much more than just a shack. They have some kick ass shaved ice! Oh, and a killer macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom. Need I say more…

Yes, in fact. I do need to say more.


There are a ton of flavors from which to choose. I was assisted in my selection by the Yelpers and my Foursquare check in… Thanks for the tips!

jo jo's waimea kauai

Chad ordered the #6 – Colada Special (Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry Colada, with Macnut Ice Cream & Coconut Cream) and I  ordered the #2 – Tropical Rainbow (Mango, Lillikoi, Guava, with Macnut Ice Cream). I was obsessed with these island flavors.

We placed the order with a young guy who emerged from the back to take our order, collect our money, and then disappeared to the back to fill it. My impression was to not expect amazing customer service, just great shaved ice. We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon, so it wasn’t very busy.

waimea kauai shaved ice

I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed that the Halo Halo option was sold out. I am not quite sure if this is a case of it is a pain in the arse to create, or if they were truly sold out. I am suspicious, because I have seen the same pic on yelp for  a few different dates. Maybe it is just that popular. Anyway, I really wanted to try it because it intrigues me. According to Jo Jo’s, Halo Halo is “A combination of fruits and sweet beans, it is a local flavored dessert. It comes with coconut, coconut gel, adzuki beans, pineapple gel, sweet fruit mix, sweet palm fruit, purple yam jam. We top the Halo Halo with our famous Haupia Cream, then we shave ice on the top, coconut syrup on the ice, and more Haupia Cream on the top. (Yummy) Ice Cream Optional.” I first had adzuki beans with Amy after some sushi in Minneapolis years ago. Since then I have been in love with these beans when sweetened in a dessert. The Halo Halo also reminded me of Taiwanese shaved snow, in which I have only read about (Gastronomy), but never tried.

No Halo Halo for me on this day.


As you can see they were in need of $5’s on this day. I actually had cash in anticipation of this visit, so I was happy to accommodate.

My #2 was good with a pretty appearance, but the #6 was the winner. The combo of the fruit flavors, the macnut ice cream, and the coconut cream made this shaved ice so delectable. If you visit, ensure you bring cash and check the times you plan to visit in case it happens to be a “No Like Work” day. Ha!

Jo Jo’s Shave Ice, Kaumualli Highway, Mile Marker 23, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii 96796

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