Beauty in nature.

I have always loved flowers, but never really embraced it. During the pandemic, I found I really liked to create flower arrangements.

I was working at a place which on occasion had leftover flowers. Instead of throwing them away, I chose to re-arrange them into something to last a bit longer. I love seeing the joy on people’s face when I deliver a creation to their desk or office. I also like the challenge of making a flower last as long as possible.

At home, I dabble a little bit in some gardening. Mostly, it is perennials, but a few annuals. A lot of the Peonies and Iris you see are from my garden.

A post to share some of my creations with you.

One thought on “Creations

  1. Love your pics of ALL of your flowers, especially the close Dahlia and the bouquet with the sunflower…I want steal both those pics…can you email me your pics? I was also reminded of edible flowers which I think you love, in particular Nasturtiums..they are like a vine. The orange color has a spicey flavor..they come in red and yellow too. They can survive the winter in a sunny window so you can eat them all winter long…they are hardy. I’ve been meaning to get some seeds and grow them in my space.

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