Last Potato

In the epic movie, The Personal History of David Copperfield with Dev Patel. There was a funny scene in Mr. Peggotty’s house, an overturned boat on the beach, where his old business partners widow, Mrs. Gummiage is certain she is dying. The camera in laser focused on her as she thoughtfully looks at her dinner at the end of a fork and states, “This could be my last potato…” This scene made me chuckle. However, it also made me think about my love of potatoes and what potato I would choose if it was truly my last one.

Well, I found the potato I would want to be my last one.

Where is this marvelous potato? Strangely enough, Chad and I found this potato at a Japanese Restaurant!

Located at Zuma in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

jagaimo no marugoto robata yaki
roasted potato with shiso butter and sansho lime salt
– This Robata Vegetable side for $16 is worth every penny!

A description about our eating experience would be magical, unparalleled, a must eat this potato before you die type of sensation. If Mr. Potato Head knew he was going to be eaten, he would want to be prepared this way. Perhaps they were thinking of Mrs. Gummiage when they created this masterpiece. Who knows? We are glad it existed and we got to experience it. YUM!

This experience happened to also be on our 11th Wedding Anniversary! What a fabulous dessert to share with this wonderful man.

Happy Anniversary, honey! I am elated to say, this wasn’t our last potato.

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