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XO Foodie Tour

XO Foodie Tour is a must do in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)!

I came across this tour in my research for our trip to Vietnam. I was looking for an experience to “kick off” our trip. Something to give us close up exposure to the city, the people, and the food. XO Food Tour was the perfect match.

After reviewing their glowing Trip Advisor reviews and various blogs about experiences on this tour, it was pretty much a no-brainer. Tai and his staff are professional, personable, educated, and want to ensure you have the best time possible on their tour. They take you to places you would most likely never go to on your own on the back of their bikes. It’s a true Saigon experience.

dad, dusty, & I with the xo food tour girls

We were supposed to make an angry face. Apparently I was the only one… well I usually stand out for more than one reason.

amy & jack with the xo girls

XO didn’t actually let us drive. In Vietnam it is illegal for foreigners to drive without a Vietnamese license. If they rent to you, they shouldn’t, but to each their own. I certainly don’t need to try to drive in this organized chaos.

xo food tour morethanafoodie saigon motorbike tours

Bun Bo Hue. This was so delicious. Not to be confused with Pho. Totally different flavor profile, different noodles, and spicier. Served with chili, bean sprouts, banana leaf, and rau moung (also called morning glory or Vietnamese water spinach). This is a complex, spicier dish from Hue in Central Vietnam. This was the first stop on the tour in District 1.

xo food tour morethanafoodie saigon motorbike tours

The tables were ready. The okra, goat, squid, and frog legs were ready to go! Our drivers played peanut game with us using our chopsticks. The point was for them to pick up the peanut, transfer to your chopsticks, and then drop in a bottle. After seeing Dusty’s rusty chopstick skills eating sushi in Japan. I was certain of a win as he was my competition. Dad was also a heavy favorite against Amy. Dad did well, but Dusty totally kicked my ass. My driver had a problem picking up the nuts and dropping them. Honestly. I was on point. We had a blast laughing about it! It was one of the highlights, until we realized Jack used the women’s bathroom. Ha! Gotta love Jack!

xo food tour morethanafoodie saigon motorbike tours

Amy & I were convinced that peanuts make anything better. These scallops were fresh and amazing! One of the best bites we ate on our vacation. Unfortunately, we were so damn full we couldn’t gorge ourselves on them.

xo food tour morethanafoodie saigon motorbike tours

We did it. We tried Hột vịt lộn! Also known in the Phillipines as balut, a delicacy to Southeast Asia.

As a kid, I was intrigued and nausiated by watching my dad and uncle devour these little baby duck embryos. It was on my list of some of the most disgusting things to eat in this world. I still was not excited about eating this, but how can I be a serious foodie if I haven’t tried it. When in Rome…

Definitely a mind over matter situation to keep it in my mouth. I can say that, I did not enjoy it. I will leave the details to your imagination.


Do this tour! It’s worth every penny for the experience. You will not be disappointed.

Cảm ơn bạn XO Tours!

Check XO Tours!

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