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What I have been up to since November…

Finally! It is spring and I am coming out of hibernation. I am finding some time to get back to this blog. I apologize to my few dedicated readers who look forward to my posts. I have several in the works and hope that I can get this up to speed in no time.

A quick recap of my food and travel adventures in the last few months.

Paletas – Mexican Inspired popsicles- Avocado! They are most delicious!

Risotto – Mushroom, I love to make it and eat it.

Emergency Shelter – My Pride League Bowling Team donated our Fall 2014 winnings to charity. We decided to use the money to cook a meal for 30 at the local emergency center here in Des Moines. We had a great time creating this meal and even got a high-five for Peggy’s White Enchiladas!

Baked KitKat’s – I picked these up at Narita Airport in Japan. They are pudding Kit Kat’s that you can bake. I was intrigued. The Japanese girl who sold them too me was pretty excited that I was going to buy them. KitKat’s are coming in all kinds of flavors now. Check out your local Asian markets. Matcha Green Tea, Red Bean, & Strawberry Cheesecake to be exact.

Palm Springs – In February we went for a short vacation to Palm Springs, California with some friends. Great escape from the cold.

Explore Iowa – Staycation weekend a few weeks ago. A few friends and I went to check out Ames and Marshalltown, Iowa. We found some great records and other treasures along the way. We also tried the Original Taylor’s Maid-Rite and some Zeno’s Pizza! Yum.

More to come soon.

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