Punta Cana

A wedding, Punta Cana style.

In June, we traveled to the Dominican Republic to attend my cousin Nicole’s Wedding.


We stayed at The Majestic Elegance Resort, Punta Cana. Our first time with an all-inclusive beach vacation. The food was good, cocktails were solid, and the service was great. A nice beach, pools, and several activities to make your stay great.

Some minor issues with the toilet in our room, but otherwise a nice place to stay.

On this trip, we had a chance to catch up with some of my aunts and their families.


Our wedding beach attire.


My cousin Mandy, her husband Daryl, their son Teddy, and Millie (who arrived September 20th on Auntie Nicole’s Birthday!) came from NYC. Adorable!!


The ceremony was held on the beach at the Huracan Cafe.

A lovely backdrop. Toes in the sand. Wind in our hair.

Eagerly awaiting the nuptials of this awesome couple.


They did it!


Jonathan and Nicole Johnson! Congratulations!


The Saturday after the wedding, the couple planned for the wedding guests to join them for a day on a boat. Snorkeling, sandbar, cocktails, and slides were all a part of this fun adventure.

Chad and I also chose a day spa on the water during our stay in Punta Cana.

Five hours of yoga, massage, and little fish-eating the dead skin off your feet. Not for everyone, but an interesting experience none the less.

Overall, a great trip!


Nicole & Jon! Cheers to many years of happiness, love, and laughter.

Thanks for inviting us to share your special day in the Dominican Republic.

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