Tomatoes are in season. I have been picking most of them up at the farmers market but I have also found a wonderful selection of local grown tomatoes at the grocery store. I attempted to grow some this year but I only managed to harvest 3 Roma’s. The beefsteak tomatoes never came to fruition. I think it was mainly because my thumb is not totally green and our local resident chipmunk feasted on a few. Oh well, he is very cute and needed them more than I did. There is always next year.

I did manage to make some tasty dishes. My favorite being Caprese. Fresh tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella… add a little salt, pepper and good olive oil for a wonderful refreshing salad.

I also made a tasty breakfast dish. I toasted two pieces of sourdough bread, butter, added tomato, sauteed spinach, and a pan fried over medium egg with a bit of salt and pepper. Definitely needed a knife and fork for this one.

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