bartenders handshake ingersoll des moines

The Bartenders Handshake – Des Moines

Ingersoll in Des Moines has a lot of new additions. I love it. 

Ingersoll has always been a great place to check out. Great restaurants, bars, local business, and some boutique shopping. More recently, many new restaurants and bars have moved into the area squeezing in amongst the iconic staples.

My husband gets his haircut with Jay at Loyal Son’s Barbershop on Ingersoll. On a visit in October, he also came across a new bar opening next to the barbershop. Upon further inquiries, he found out it has ties to one of our favorite chef’s in the city. I was intrigued and excited to try it out. 

The Bartenders Handshake

On a Sunday, in early November, I suggested to meet a few friends here for a drink and some snacks. We arrived right at open, were greeted by the bartender, and chose to sit at the bar.

First thoughts. Intimate, low-key, great nostalgic ambiance with a wonderful array of spirit selections. The cocktail creations included some old favorites and new curiosities with their twists. 

To start, I chose one of their classics. A great way to “try out” a new place.

Old Forrester Bourbon, raw sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, orange zest

First taste. Spot on and solid.

When sitting at any bar, start a conversation with the bartender. Tell them what you like, they will use their creativity to show you their talents. The team here already has you covered for that conversation starter. Order the “We’ll Take it from Here.”

WE’LL TAKE IT FROM HERE | Answer a question or two for an adventurous take on your spirit of choice

Not into cocktails or not able to drink. There are plenty of great wines, beer, and Spirit Free options. 

However, this place is not just drinks, but great snacks prepared in house to order. Chef Zach Gutweiler is serving up some fricking tasty options using his creative genius. We’ve been a fan of Zach’s since he was serving great food out of a window at the Gaslamp on Grand Ave in Downtown Des Moines. Followed him ever since. The following continues… take a look.

persimmon jam, potato chips (I think this was what was on the menu this day!) This gem. A PB&J with a twist. Persimmon Jam. Potato Chips for crunch on a brioche bread. Heavenly.

mint pesto, chili crisp, ground mushrooms

Nostalgic views.

The Ingersoll View The Bartenders Handshake - c morethanafoodie

Picture window onto Ingersoll. A great place for cocktails, snacks, and great friends.

Check it out. Opens at 2pm.

The Bartenders Handshake

3615 Ingersoll Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50312

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