Housebound – A Collection of Social Distancing Projects v1.0

When social distancing suddenly frees up time for that long To Do list.

As a result of the current US Government’s inability to be prepared for a global pandemic, even with the early warnings, and the entire world impact of COVID-19. I find myself at home all the time trying to do my part to flatten the curve. Let me state first, I am very grateful we are healthy, employed, our basic needs are met, and we are both able to work remotely. We are also so very thankful to the essential workers out there taking care of our country and getting us through this uncertain period in time. Thank You all so very much. You are appreciated!

homemade covid masks

This being said, I will pause here with a few of my thoughts about the current President and his administration about their complete failure protect ALL Americans. I find it inexcusable to not fully create the ability for free nationwide testing for everyone in our nation, immediately providing essential workers crucial hazard-level support, and having an inability to have basic human decency to give a shit about more than just the wealthy, the powerful, and their own personal interests.

This isn’t a political blog, but this is part of the trial and tribulations experienced in my life. I NEVER imagined I would refer to this cliche with such an extreme. I implore you to not stand for the incompetence and this inability to take accountability for gross inaction. We need leaders who care for far more than just their own ego. If we don’t, more will die. Needlessly. We need to lead and support the change we want to see in this world. Humans matter, elections matter, voting matters, science matters, facts matter, communication matters, listening to others perspectives matter, having hard conversations matter… Your Voice Matters. We should work together, communicate, and push to move humanity forward. The government can come up with money when corporations need it, so why not the people’s needs, the people move the widgets to make the economy. Stock markets, personal wealth, and securing another governmental term should not be put over the citizens of the country. Corporations are not people. If you can do it for them, you should do it for us. It’s bologna. I simply will not stand for it, you know… End Rant.

Left with more time on my hands to actually make a dent in my “list.” Read this book, stretch daily, practice yoga, organize the kitchen, sew pandemic masks, work on the yard, take care of my plants, stain the deck, do some origami, install a bidet, practice calligraphy, eat better, lose some weight… and learn how to make tasty dumplings. Yes!

Handmade Chinese-style Dumplings

homemade pork dumplings

When I am interested in something, I tend to research it a lot to understand the details about the topic. In this case, how do you make juicy and tasty pan fried or boiled Chinese-style dumplings?

In my research, I came upon Souped Up Recipes on You Tube. She has many great videos for scratch made dumpling doughs, fillings, techniques, and she advises what do for good substitutes for ingredients just in case you don’t have them on hand.

I watched this video several times and researched more using Google. I tend to make notes in my OneNote or in this blog to help me remember those little tips and tricks of the process.

handmade chinese style pork dumplings

My First Tip – Actually read the recipe and instructions. Note any adjustments or step it out in your head or on paper as to what you might need in the next step.

Second Tip – I cut the dumpling dough portions too little, so I needed to combine two to make one. Patience and practice are my suggestions. The thinner, the better, but not so thin the filling pops out. I have a small rolling pin, but a regular one will work fine.

roll out chinese dumpling dough

Third Tip – Try not to get any of the filling where you seal the dough, it will cause it to not connect appropriately.

Fourth Tip – Use enough flour or wax paper to keep the dumplings from sticking to your prep pan. Also, slightly wet paper towels or a dish towel to keep all the dough moist while filling.

dough handmade chinese style pork dumplings morethanafoodie

Fifth Tip – Watch the heat when frying. If boiling, when they float to the top, they are most likely done. Serve with a quick sauce of soy sauce, vinegar i.e rice wine, Chinese Black, or regular vinegar, and spice i.e. chili garlic, sriracha, chili flake, Thai Bird Chili. I do about 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1 Tbsp vinegar, and a 1 Tbsp chili. Adjust to your tastes. Serve with hot dumplings!

I think I will try many versions of this base recipe. The dumplings were delicious and received rave reviews.

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