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Bosnian Pita

Mmmmm… soft-baked bread.

The other day I was in Fairway in West Des Moines to pick up some steaks for dinner. I like the Fairway stores here in Iowa because they have by far the best grocery store meat counter.

On my way through the produce, a rack of freshly baked bread caught my eye. Ok, I might have been a tad bit hungry and it made my mouth water. There were four pieces of bread in each package.  When I picked one of them up I swear the package weighed 4 pounds.

They were soft, fresh, and huge!

I knew I needed to be creative with this bread and portion it correctly. I don’t have much control when it comes to fresh bread (Carb Freak). I decided I would make a frittatta with spinach, caramelized red onion, and Tickler white cheddar cheese. OMG. So good!

Served half a sandwich with some watermelon and some banana. I had to balance it out a bit. I definitely will be buying this again.

The bakery that makes this bread is actually a restaurant in West Des Moines. The name is Saraj. I will definitely need to check it out sometime soon!

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