Maple Bacon Mochi Bites Challenge

A challenge was issued to me on social media regarding a post found about this creative Maple Bacon Mochi Bite recipe from forktobelly. I accepted the challenge, but only if I could get my hands on a Japanese Takoyaki Pan. Thanks to the wonders of, we had the pan in two days. Game on!



First of all, what is takoyaki? Takoyaki is literally “octopus fried” which is a popular street snack in Japan. Usually made hot and fresh on the streets. Served with various sauces and bonito (tuna) flakes.  What is mochi? Mochi is most commonly a sweet filled treat made from glutenous rice flour. If you have never tried either of them, I suggest you give them a try. The genius over at forktobelly decided this would make a great combo and I couldn’t agree more.


My iorn takoyaki pan in action. In the beginning it looks a bit overwhelming, but once you get started it comes together. Just ensure your batter is in a pourable container, pan is hot, and you have sticks to turn the takoyaki. I used bamboo skewers and they worked like a charm.


Once the batter starts cooking, turn them until they start to turn into little balls.


Keep turning until golden brown (I tried, my first time.)


Mimosa’s are a great accompaniment. The mango and tangerine OJ is wonderful.


You also need plenty of extra bacon and coffee in fancy mid-century decanter. Well, that is optional!


 Serve hot with bacon crumbles and plenty of maple bacon glaze.

Thanks forktobelly for the recipe. Thanks to Joel, Chad, & Morgan for issuing this challenge which I think we pulled off marvelously!

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