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Cravings: No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

I had a strange craving for Jell-o No Bake Cherry Cheesecake.

Chad says he gets this craving about once every 10 years, apparently mine is once every 20 because I don’t think I have eaten it in this century.

jello no bake cherry cheesecake craving

While at the store, I remembered my crazy craving and decided to buy one. The Jell-o Brand was $2.89 for the cherry. You will also need milk, butter, and some sugar.

According to Taste Cooking, this quick, “No Bake” option was introduced in 1966. I remember this being a staple of childhood family gatherings. If you had time to be extra fancy, you put it in little paper cupcake holders.

Instructions are pretty easy. Everything is numbered. You can make it round, square, or extra fancy (see above, let your imagination run wild!) I chose to do the 8×8 square dish. You will need butter (or margarine), sugar, and cold milk. Along with a whisk, rubber spatula, and a bowl. Follow the instructions and chill.

jello no bake cherry cheesecake craving

Viola, in an hour you have a cherry cheesecake.

After chilling, I cut into squares.

sliced jello no bake cherry cheesecake craving

Taste, texture, and memories were exactly what I remembered. I think I satisfied this craving for another few decades.

Check out my favorite homemade cheesecake when I feel like spending a little more time getting it just right, Nigella Style.

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